Fit 4 A King

5 Nov

The idea of starting a blog occurred to me as a great way to continue to share information in a more communal environment. Newsletters are a great way to reach out to someone with information, especially in a timely manner. However, newsletters are limited in their scope.

They only allow for one-way communication. That is, if you, as a subscriber, wanted to ask a question about a certain piece of information or something you didn’t understand, a newsletter limits how that inquiry transpires. In addition, that question may be of similar interest to another subscriber. So, even though e-mail does offer a two-way street, it’s a private road once that bridge is crossed.

In addition, a newsletter does not offer easy access to archives. Sure, you could save every electronic copy and peruse through them at your convenience. But, what if all the information was stored in one place? What if you could search for a specific article with key words and didn’t have to go through fifteen e-mails to find the results for which you’re looking?

A blog sounded like a great idea to me. First of all, I have no problem talking to myself — and that’s pretty much what a blog seems like to me. Honestly, though, I wanted to provide a greater sense of community, and I wanted to make sure there was a platform where there could be engaged interactions. I think you’ll find that your and others’ questions and comments will complement each other and lead to great discussion and discoveries.

Also, I like the ability to keep an archive of information for everyone’s access. This provides the opportunity to dig through old articles, as well as an easier way to share information that you think may be useful to others.

It’s really interesting an interesting process to “name” your blog. I wanted to have some fun with the naming of the blog because Tim Skwiat’s Blog just sounded way too plain. Here’s a guy with a mustache in the month of November (check out and that’s the extent of his creativity?

So, I actually thought the name “Fit 4 A King” was pretty accurate and memorable. I thought a little bit of a rationale behind the name choice might be interesting to some. I mean, it’s not exactly like describing how you came up for the name of your first-born child, but it’s probably worthy of some explanation.

Without a doubt, the predominant amount of information that I’ll be disseminating on this blog will be related to your health, fitness, and vitality. It will be information related to exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, and it will be geared toward your optimal health and well-being, your ultimate body (body composition and fitness), and your best performance (mentally, physically, and emotionally). That’s the majority of the reason why “Fit” was chosen.

In addition to its fitness roots, only the absolute best and most trustworthy information will be shared. Therefore, it’s “fit” for a king. Why a king? Well, a king reigns supreme and demands only the best. I think each and every one of you who grants me the opportunity to touch your lives deserves nothing but the very best as well. To me, you’re a king of your own castle.

Finally, I really wanted the opportunity to use the ‘4’ in the name of the blog. As many of you know, my life and professional career have been heavily influenced by an unbelievable group of extraordinary people — that I call family — from Train 4 The Game. Keeping the ‘4’ in my life is very important because each and every person that I grew with at T4TG has and always will be a vital part of me.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you on your journey. I hope you enjoy the blog! Please feel free to comment or contact me directly. I’m here to help and happy to do so.

Your Friend,



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